4 Features of High-Quality Storage Buildings

When shopping for storage buildings for your property, you’ll find many different styles and shapes. While the exterior look and feel of a building is important, you also need to pay attention to other important features. 

Sometimes small details can make a huge difference to determine if your shed is going to last only a few months or a couple of years. A storage building does not necessarily have to be expensive, but it should not be cheap as well. The kind of materials used in the building of a shed is the discerning factors that you need to consider before making up your mind.

Here are four features of high-quality storage buildings that you need to pay attention to before your purchase.


Unlike your house, a shed sits outside in the open, most likely in your backyard. Hence, it can be exposed to many external factors and weather conditions. For this reason, you want to make sure that the storage building is constructed in a way that makes it durable and long-lasting.

A high-quality shed incorporates similar construction elements as that of a house. Using lower-quality materials for a shed is highly discouraged. A durable foundation will support the whole building and allow proper drainage. In harsh weather conditions such as a snowstorm or heavy rain, a strong base will save your shed from shifting and sinking.

High-Quality Flooring

Many may not realize it, but flooring is one of the most essential components of a shed. Sheds are often used to store bulky items like furniture and gardening equipment. High-quality storage buildings incorporate floors that are sturdy i.e. made of high-quality wood. The wood must also be moisture resistant to prevent any molds or rust. ¾” flooring is preferred and offered standard on all of our buildings.

Sturdy Roof

Roofs along with the flooring are essentially the pillars that hold a shed up. A good quality roof allows standard house construction spacing which makes the sides of the roof and the whole structure much stronger. Durable siding panels that are dimensionally stable and consistent with traditional wood materials will ensure a long-lasting roof. Metal roofs can be an amazing upgrade. They help reflect sunlight, keeping the interior of your portable building

Exterior Shape and Style 

While many shed owners may not focus on the interior aesthetics of a shed, however, they may want the exterior to look decent. The shape of your shed and the styling can be a big indicator of how it looks compared to your house. Your shed should not look out of place in front of your house, rather it should complement your main building. Some storage sheds, especially Amish sheds, are styled around the corners to make them appear elegant and attractive. 

You can find over 50+ portable buildings in Adrian or Monroe, Michigan at our locations. We leave the buildings open so you can walk through and see the quality, craftsmanship, and potential styles that you’d like for your own. The ordering process is incredibly simple and only takes about 15min from start to finish. We look forward to serving you and getting the perfect building built for your property.