Things You Have to Consider When Buying a Portable Garage

Things to Consider When Buying a Portable Garage

Garages can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Ranging from storage spaces for your gardening equipment or bicycles to a “man cave” or “she shed” to fulfill your “me time” needs. When buying a portable garage, the most important thing to consider is the purpose behind your purchase. Once you are clear on the use, you will be able to make a more informed decision.

So whether you are planning to use a portable garage for storing extra items or to convert it into your own personal workshop, there are some things you can consider to make it environment friendly, durable and personalized to your style and choice.

Wider Doors

Most garages are pre-built with a wide opening, however, do not rely on a standard-sized opening. Before purchasing a portable garage, make sure the entrance is spacious enough for your needs. You may plan to buy a boat in the future or even use the garage to store your car for a prolonged period. In such a situation, a wide door will come in handy. 

Wide doors can also come to be useful if you love playing sports. A garage can act as a mini basketball court or a space to play ping-pong. A wider opening will ensure you and your kids have open space to play your favorite sports!

Shed Dormers

Shed dormers are horizontal roof structures that extend the width and height of the shed space, allowing more light in. They not only give a nice exterior aesthetic touch to your garage but also provide light to a dark garage or a shed.


Rooms that have plenty of windows give an airy, fresh, and spacious feeling. If you are using the portable garage as your creative spot or a workshop, having plenty of windows will put you in the right headspace. Windows also allow natural light so you will be able to save plenty on electricity!

Electrical installation 

When you plan to buy a portable garage, you must consider getting pre-installed electrical sockets and outlets. If you are going to convert the garage into an office space, you will need plenty of outlets to charge up your workstation. If you have a big family, you may even plan to place an extra refrigerator in the garage, so a fully functioning electrical installation will serve the purpose well. Finding a contractor to 

Shelves & Storage Space

Shelves are great to have in storage buildings. They not only save space but also keep your things organized. If you plan to use the garage for storing tools, you can also install pegs and hooks to hang all your tools. This extra shelving can be helpful for a litany of other uses, but more than anything, it helps to keep your extra space organized and useful.

A portable garage could be the perfect addition to your property. We offer a wide variety of styles, sizes, and customizations at anytime and serve Southern Michigan + Northwest Ohio. If you’re ready to get an awesome building, contact us today.