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You sure do! You can choose the exterior color of your building + choose to have either a metal or shingle roof. You can visit the following link, (click here), and see the available colors/options or also ask us directly and we will be happy to show you color samples at our locations.

Delivery time varies based on time of year, location, and a few other factors. Please check with us directly and we will be happy to give you an estimated delivery time ASAP.

Our portable buildings can be setup right in your backyard. However, for the larger buildings and potentially wet yards, we recommend you to put down a gravel base 4” - 6” thick of crushed rock. This gives you the best drainage and also prevents your building from settling and sinking into the dirt.


Purchasing 2" to 4" concrete blocks from a local Home Improvement Store is another inexpensive option many customers use. We recommend a block every 8" under each of the runners. If you have the blocks close to the spot where your site is, our delivery drivers can help place them under the building for you. They will also provide treated wooden blocks to help finishing leveling and shimming if no concrete blocks are provided. 

Our delivery process is very simple if you have enough access for your building to be delivered to your site. Openings in fences and around obstacles need to be wide enough for your building to enter thru, with enough clearance to make necessary turns. Delivery driver is not responsible for removal of fences, gates, trees, or limbs. Our drivers are well experienced and take great care to make the delivery process a good experience.


This is an example video of what our delivery process looks like: click here


Homestead Barns is not responsible for any damage done to your yard or your neighbors yard if you, the customer, give us permission to deliver the portable building across their yard. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to obtain any needed permits, property line information, HOA permissions, etc. If Homestead Barns or any of their personnel will need to come back and move the structure, there will be a charge.

Our rent-to-own is very simple and hassle-free. There is a small down payment and then your first month's payment and that will allow for the building to be 100% delivered and setup on-site! From there, it's monthly payments with the ability to pay off early. You can pay off early anytime for only the remaining cash price. Ron is always available at (517) 673-5120 and happy to help!


Down Payments: 

8" Wide Buildings = $100

10" Wide Buildings = $200

12" Wide Buildings = $300

14" Wide Buildings = $400

16" Wide Buildings = $500

We sure do! We are preparing our pricing sheets for those options, but please feel free to ask when contacting us via email or phone at (517) 673-5120 anytime!

Our floors are constructed using pressure treated 4x6 notched runners and 2x6 pressure treated floor joists which are fastened into the notched runners. For added strength and durability, joists are positioned every 16” on all buildings except for our Garages / Lofted Garages, which are placed every 12”. (We use 2x4 floor joists on 8’ wide buildings). For the floor decking we use LP 3/4” tongue and groove flooring.

This is varied based on what town and municipality you live in. We advise you to check with your local code office to see what the requirements are for your area

"Great customer service! I told him when I wanted the shed delivered and it was here as expected. Getting it put into place on our property was so smooth I was in complete shock . . . I have already encouraged people to come see you!

- Nikki E.

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