How a Shed Can Increase Your Property Value

How a Shed Can Increase Your Property Value

Adding a unique element to your property such as a storage shed can exponentially increase the value. Sheds have great functional value as they can be used for a number of reasons. Occasionally, they are used to store garden equipment or miscellaneous items from the garage, such as old bikes, spare tires, furniture, etc, however, there are many other creative uses as well. 

Many homeowners at some point in their life contemplate selling their property and purchasing a new one. You may have children that are growing up so fast you may find the need for a bigger house. You may be moving out of the state and are planning to sell your house. If you have a rental property, you may be thinking of selling it in a few years to get a good ROI (return on investment).  

Let’s go over some of the reasons why having a shed can make your property more valuable.

Use as additional space

This goes without saying that the main purpose of a shed is to provide the additional space you need to store your items. There are different kinds of buyers, some do not have any need for a backyard and do not wish to spend any time outside. Others, especially those with kids, elderly, or big families, may find a shed one of the “best” aspects of the house to store their belongings. 

There is always a need for additional storage when it comes to living with a large family. Even if your buyer is a couple with no kids, they may find a different use for storage, such as using it as a “man cave” or “arts and crafts room.”

Match the style of your property

When building a portable building, one aspect to keep in mind is to match the style with your property. It doesn’t have to be an exact replica of texture, color and style, but a design that complements your property. For instance, if your house has a traditional design, having a building that’s modern and chic will not go well with your property’s aesthetic. Mismatched styles stick out like a sore thumb and do not add much value to your property. 

Size of the shed matters

The main purpose of the shed is to provide additional space, but finding that happy medium space-wise can be tricky. Keeping the size of your shed optimal in comparison to your property as well as the backyard is important. 

If you have a small backyard, a large shed will take lots of space from the children who wish to play in that area. Similarly, if the shed is too small, it won’t be able to fit some of the bulkier equipment such as backyard furniture.

Replacing an older shed with a newer one

Depending on the age of the existing shed, you should consider replacing it for a newer one. If your shed has been wearing out from extensive usage over the years and needs new flooring or roofing, instead of spending too much money on those repairs, it would be a good idea to instead buy a new shed. 

A new shed will not only be an attractive prospect for the buyer but will also be one less hassle for them when it comes to maintenance. We’d love to serve you anytime here in the Southern Michigan / Northern Ohio region. Feel free to contact us anytime!